Mushroom Memoir


torn page
spore story
a mushroom memoir

new heads
eternally pressing

calm the frenzy
don’t tear

or wish a full bed of clover leaves
or sugar and spice

feel the page
gray pliancy
buoyant burgeoning

accept the signs
unstoppable shiitakes

This poem was written for the Monday POETRY PROMPT at Shawna’s!

10 thoughts on “Mushroom Memoir

  1. Love the last line–the consonance is luscious!

    And as I am a fan of mushrooms, I could picture the bouyant burgeoning and gray pliancy=apt descriptions.

    mushroom memoir is a great opening and sets up nice metaphor with the “torn page” “spore story” “feel the page” and “accept the signs.” Nicely done!

  2. So enjoyed this poem (and such an appropriate pic). I especially love some of the wise words throughout – “calm the frenzy,” “accept the signs” “feel the page. So great and I love how you are able to get us to such powerful imagery in just a few words–a gift! Thank you.

    • Yes, I hope you could feel the mushrooms coming! As I told Ginny, I was really trying to get to some serious place with this…but it just wasn’t coming…just those mushrooms invading!

  3. I didn’t realize you posted your poem on your blog too; I left you a comment in reply on my blog. 😛

    I wanted to let you know that this week’s words are up; I hope you’ll find time to write something.

    And here is the comment I left you on my blog:
    “I just realized I never left you a reply comment! I’m so sorry. Hopefully you’ll get in on the action earlier this week (tomorrow) and won’t lose your work this time.

    I love “a mushroom memoir.”

    And also these:
    “the gray pliancy
    the buoyant burgeoning”

    But oh my word, the unstoppable shitakes. That was awesome. Thanks for playing.”

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