Thank Goodness for X-box!


The sky trembled and

Lightning prickled downward

Right before the blackout.

No lights, no tv —

but the kids still lurched for the remote.

I was on level fifteen, whines the son,

his game of slaughter rudely interrupted.

We sit in silence a full three minutes

Sifting through our options:

Light candles and play cards

Ride in to town

Go to Dairy Queen

None of those were to be.

The rest of my memory is smudged

with disbelief:

Copper knocking at the door,

Tip-tap — tip tap!

Membrane pushing through,


Bright green scaly asparagus abnormality

Rushing at us all

I, simply frozen in distress.

But no so the X-box expert,

Who swiftly skewers the fiend

With an umbrella.

“I learned that on level 3!”–

The outcry that still echoes in my head.

This was written for Shawna’s weekly Melting Monday Prompt at

12 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for X-box!

  1. You had me giggling through the whole thing, especially in these spots:

    “his game of slaughter rudely interrupted”
    “We sit in silence a full three minutes Sifting through our options”
    “I learned that on level 3!”

    I’m glad you had fun with this one. What a creative way to bring the word “asparagus” to life. 😉

    P.S. I also liked your sound effects here:

    “Copper knocking at the door, Tip-tap — tip tap!”

    • Thanks for reading, Shawna! I did have fun with this one! I can’t stand it when the lights go out and everyone in my house is so fidgety but me — all I need is a book and a candle (or a flashlight) and I’m fine!

      • That sounds like something I’d like to do on purpose. But I’d prefer to be the only one at home.

    • Thanks, Ginny! Personally, I would never in real life thank x-box for anything 🙂 But if it did give them real skills it would be nice — I just doubt it really does! My son is not so much into video games as he was when younger – so this took me back to the days when his time was monitored — and something like the power going out in the middle would have just ruined his mood 🙂

  2. Swinging back by to say hi and see what you’re up to over here. 🙂 You saw the words I posted on Thursday, right? Maybe you can squeeze some writing time in over the weekend. Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!

  3. BAHA…I learned that on level 3…that was so funny! The whole thing was hilarious actually…but that sounded so much like something my middle son would say. Brilliant!

    • HA! Yes, my son is 20 now, but I remember those days of him being just obsessed with playing video games. He still does, just not so obsessed (I guess it’s real life creeping in 😉

    • I am SO glad you are reading! I have missed your feedback, but I know you are crazy busy! I really had fun w/ this poem, thinking back to when Jack was so obsessed w/ video games 🙂

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