Rainbow Locks


Numb view

cars crawl

tie-dye braid

her only sinew.

Pointless boys

peach and prattle:

smooth myths,

ancient battles.

She prefers texture

tumbleweed thoughts,

and ivy inklings —

but mostly the

rainbow locks

keep her steady.

This was written for Shawna’s Midweek Melting at http://www.rosemarymint.org!  The photo was from her site as well (though it originates from weheartit.com)!  

27 thoughts on “Rainbow Locks

  1. This makes me so happy. 🙂

    “tie-dye braid her only sinew”
    “peach and prattle”
    “She prefers texture / tumbleweed thoughts, / and ivy inklings” (this is totally me!)
    “rainbow locks keep her steady” (This is such a perfect ending—something a little wild keeping her down to earth. Perfect.)

    I just love this, Anne Katherine. Thank you for writing. It made me smile to see that you used this picture!

    • Guess what, Shawna? YOU’RE NOT SPAM ANYMORE! At least not at the moment. That should make you feel a little better – less spammy, anyway 🙂
      Thanks for reading. I was trying to do what you do so well and look at a photo – you make it seem so easy. Alas, I learned it is not! I really struggled with this one. But I just loved the photo, and would really love to do that to my hair, but I’m sure mine would wind up some kind of mixed up rainbow 😉

      • I was cracking up yesterday because I was asking of myself, “Why am I SPAM???” Then I thought of potted meat and could not stop giggling.

        You want to do what to your “hear”? You sound you’re from Alabama. 😉

        I think you should dye your hair for fun. I’m going to dye mine red tonight, even though I promised I wouldn’t do it anymore. I also bought three new bottles of nail polish. Color makes everything better.

        Your poem was great; you made it look easy, even if it wasn’t. Sometimes they flow out, sometimes you yank them out. It all depends on your energy.

  2. Love this one, a great inspiration from the photo – “peach and prattle” (such a great pairing). The ending takes me exactly to that pause I want, so gracefully. Love love your poetry!

    • Thanks – I did not know until yesterday that “peach” could mean “to betray.” Amazing what you can learn if you read complete definitions 🙂 Much appreciate you reading this!

      • I know!!! I just love reading definitions because you always learn of obscure or slang meanings, variations, and origins. There’s often a bit of mythology or history of some kind thrown in at the end.

  3. Love this –

    Pointless boys
    peach and prattle:
    smooth myths,
    ancient battles.

    And I adore the picture! My cousin’s girlfriend is supposed to color my hair with funky colors sometime in the near future. I’m gonna see if she can do something close to this 🙂

    • Thanks, Dayle, for reading! The pic is actually one I stole from Shawna’s blog for the prompt! I would love to have hair like that as well..for a day or two, I suppose. I hope you can get some version of it done — and take pics for your blog so I can see 🙂

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