We Know

Your quizzes
try my nerves
The spirit is gone
we can say
What I can’t mention is
how my soul was bolted,
fixed by that narrow moment –
moans bursting my lungs –
and then the absence
turned out to be
All you see is me weary
almost collapsing
with the relentless
stab at perfection,
masking and abstracting
my deepest wound
Stranded and moored,
we cannot pool
anything together
That is the pittance
we know.
This was written for Shawna’s Monday Melting at rosemarymint.wordpress.org!  
 Also linked to Open Link night at dversepoets at http://dversepoets.com/! 

31 thoughts on “We Know

  1. Anne Katherine–such energy and emotion–and the closing line with the heart-breaking conclusion. Excellent write!! “how my soul was bolted” favorite image and love the combination of “masking and abstracting”

    • Thanks so much for reading! I was thinking of Plath’s mother saying how Plath never thought her mother took the time to grieve for her father. Ah…death really does reverberate, doesn’t it? In ways we cannot always anticipate or see.

  2. When love has tried and lost , the simplest of movements become foreign. Her ‘relentless stab’ at bringing what is lost to light, leaving her mixed and ‘masking’-great! I love that it ends with a mere smidgen of understanding.

    Nice to meet you, Anne!

  3. I love your opening and these:

    “What I can’t mention is how my soul was bolted”
    “and then the absence turned out to be chronic”
    “unfettered we cannot pool”

    Beautiful, sad, tragic tale—all too common, I suppose. Great idea to make the last two words your title; I like the framing. Wonderful work, Anne Katherine.

    • Feeling a little meaty, a little processed, Shawna? I can’t believe you’re spam again…CRAZY!
      Thanks, as usual, for your read and for the inspiration. As I told Ginny, that part about how Sylvia didn’t like how her mom dealt w/ the dad’s death — and the part about how no matter how much we try as mothers, our actions are not ours to construe…but our children get to do that – and who knows what they will come up with. That’s what I was trying to get at!

  4. All you see is me weary
    almost collapsing
    with the relentless
    stab at perfection,
    masking and abstracting
    my deepest wound

    wow tat bit of your verse really hit home..and the masks it takes to put on that show do make us grow wearing in trying to keep there up…hard emotions by the end of this…nicely done…

    • Thanks for the visit, Brian. Perfection is impossible to reach and very hard to keep trying to achieve, but still we go on, don’t we? Appreciate you reading!

    • I agree. I read it now and see how it could be construed as a couple, but I was going for a mother/daughter thing. But you’re right – the energy could be better channeled!

  5. oh heck…deep emotions in this..and much sadness…was thinking marriage first but then read mother/daughter in your comment above…difficult..

    • I do agree that now it reads more like a couple. I was trying to make it sort of vague, but maybe made it too, much so. May give a few more days and come back to it. Thanks for reading 🙂

  6. Love this, Anne. Some of my favorite parts –> “The relentless stab at perfection” and love that pairing of “masking and abstracting” (is that slant rhyme? It’s been so long since poetry class 🙂

    • HA! I feel like I need a poetry class now! I’m not sure – I just thought it sounded good! Thanks, as always, for your feedback – much appreciated 🙂

    • I’m so frustrated – WP is still not letting me publish a new post. I have it all ready, it’s there as a draft, but hitting the publish button is useless.
      ugh.. I will keep trying.

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