Rainbow Locks


Numb view

cars crawl

tie-dye braid

her only sinew.

Pointless boys

peach and prattle:

smooth myths,

ancient battles.

She prefers texture

tumbleweed thoughts,

and ivy inklings —

but mostly the

rainbow locks

keep her steady.

This was written for Shawna’s Midweek Melting at http://www.rosemarymint.org!  The photo was from her site as well (though it originates from weheartit.com)!  

Potpourri Path


Senescence begins the day you are born —
though youth may eclipse it
with a potpourri path
kaleidoscopic and gleaming
like freshly cut kiwi.
You may seem to blaze every forward —
yet each year is but a slight caracol
toward the savage and rusty road of dependence —
Retaining full control of mind or body becoming
an uphill trek with each passing milestone.
The cure, the most potent balm being
the tickle of skin on skin,
a hand in your hand —
the tingle of love
and a dose of what is true.

This is a response to Shawna’s Melting Monday prompt at http://www.rosemarymint.wordpress.com and is also at Diverse Poets’ Pub at http://www.dversepoets.com!